Impulse von Dr.Hertoghe zur Langlebigkeit (engl.)

Are you ready to learn thought-provoking information?

| Did you know that men over 48 with high hostility are 10 times more likely to die, which can mean 30 years less life?

| Did you know that the two greatest factors that explain why some people become centenarians are positive psychological attitudes and a low-calorie diet?

| Did you know that by improving your emotions and your psychological attitudes you can live 10 to 20 years longer, while improving the diet 5 to 10 years longer? 

| Did you know that men reporting high levels of worry are twice as likely to have myocardial infarction and have 50% more risk of dying from myocardial infarction ?

| Did you know that without cortisol people die within 24 hours with severe hypoglycemia and a severe drop in blood pressure?

| Did you know that testosterone therapy and even more growth hormone therapy may help to substantially live longer?

| Did you know that estrogen therapy may help women with breast cancerlive considerably longer?

| Did you know that maintaining optimal kidney function is a factor in long life?