Antioxidantien und Gefäßsteifigkeit

„Decreased arterial stiffness associated with antioxidant Supplementation“

Dr.Rocke:  „wir messen in unserem Check-Up die Gefäßsteifigkeit mit dem modernsten Messgerät, dass u.a. auch im Herzzentrum Bad Oenhausen zum Einsatz kommt (Vascular Explorer, Fa.Enverdis)“

The results of a meta-analysis published in the October 2014 issue of the Journal of Nutrition indicate that supplementing with antioxidant nutrients could help protect against arterial stiffening that occurs with aging. The condition is associated with atherosclerosis, diabetes and other conditions.

Ammar W. Ashor and colleagues at England’s Newcastle University selected 20 randomized trials that included a total of 1,909 participants aged 22 to 63 for their analysis. Studies involved vitamin C and/or E alone, or a combination of antioxidant vitamins and/or mineral supplementation. Arterial stiffness was evaluated via pulse-wave velocity measurement or other methods.

Pooled analysis of the data revealed a significant reduction in arterial stiffness associated with antioxidant supplementation in comparison with a placebo or no treatment. The benefit was more pronounced in primary prevention trials and was more effective among those with lower plasma vitamin C and E prior to supplementation. Antioxidant vitamins were associated with improvement in arterial stiffness regardless of the participants‘ age or length of treatment.

„The beneficial effects of antioxidant vitamins on vascular stiffness may be explained by the reduction of the damaging effects of free radicals on structural and functional components of the vessel walls,“ the authors explain. „Antioxidant vitamins inactivate free radicals, reduce inflammation, and therefore protect the integrity of the vascular wall. Furthermore, antioxidant vitamins increase the bioavailability of the vasodilator and anti-inflammatory molecule nitric oxide.“

They add that the arterial response to supplementation is different for each vitamin, which suggests that each one has specific effects on the vascular wall.

„The potential public health importance of these findings remains to be tested in suitably designed personalized (or stratified) intervention studies,“ they conclude.

(Aus dem aktuellen Newsletter der Life Extension Foundation, 1/2016)

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